Thursday, December 24, 2009

Headphones noise can be a problem. Audio Technica ATH ANC7 B QuietPointActive Noise Cancelling to the Rescue!

Did you ever tell yourself that the next time you go on a trip you would treat yourself to a nice relaxing time and actually enjoy your trip. Well now you can with a pair of Audio Technica ATH ANC7 B Quietpoint Active Noise Cancelling Headphones.
Before you buy the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B Active headphones, please take a few moments to read this review. Also with these noise cancelling headsets, you’re getting enhanced comfort with the new and improved soft earcup cushions that will fit over any ear and have a secure and enclosed fit. Plus, your getting the padded adjustable head bracket.
With this impressive improvement you are getting a constant block of 85% of all noise. A switch on these noise reducing headphones allows you to turn off the noise reduction technology so that you can hear outside noise without taking off the headphones.
Many buyers on Amazon noted better noise cancellation in comparison to the original ATHANC7. Some also voiced concern over “noise leakage” where others around you could hear what you were listening to. It is fair to note that other reviewers performed their own tests for sound leakage by asking people near them to let them know when they heard sound coming from the headphones. They found that they had to turn the volume up to point where it was not comfortable before the people said they could hear anything.
Update: has a great price on the Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B Noise Cancelling Headphones!
Here are the features for the Audio Technica ATH ANC7 B Quietpoint Active Noise Cancelling Headphones:
  • battery duration-40hours
  • folds flat and light for traveling
  • 1 AAA Battery
  • 1/4-inch adapter
  • an airline adapter
  • hard carrying case
  • supplied with 2 detachable cables
  • noise reducing headphones that cancel up to 85% of the sounds around you
  • Works great with audio components such as the iPod, iPhone, DVD players and airplane sound jacks
  • audio functions even with out battery
  • form fitting cushioned ear cups
  • 40mm drivers
  • neodymium magnets
  • lightweight
  • frequency response: 10-25,000 hz
  • impedance: 300 ohms
Buyer Reviews:
Buyers of the Audio Technica ATH ANC7 B Quietpoint Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, at Amazon, gave an average rating of 4 stars.
Here are some sample reviews:
Point-blank, an awesome product/solution.
The sound quality is off the charts and these over-the-ears seal off and/or cancel out every drop of sound during an airplane flight. Though they don't fold up, the earpieces turn so it packs flat into a well-thought-out, quality carry case ... and the superiority of the product makes it well worth putting up with something less compact…

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Generally, I'm very pleased with these headphone and there's no reason to add extensively to the other comprehensive reviews but just to add bullet point pro's and con's about my opinion.
- great sound
- noise canceling is excellent
- high quality construction
- all you need accessories included…
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Overall I rate these headphones OK - 3 out of 5 stars. My comparison is only with the Bose QuietComforts 2,3, and 15. I purchased the Audio Technicas for air travel. Recently, I was on a couple flights and took these headphones. To test sound-leakage, I asked passengers next to advise me when sound was detected as I raised the volume. For me, the level had to get ear-bothering loud before they said something… Read Full Review  

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