Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sony MDR-NC60 Noise Cancelling Ear Stereo Headphones that areprofessional made and half the price of others.

There are just times when you've had enough of all the noise from the outside world around you. Perhaps you're sitting in an airplane trying to relax  or sitting in a college dorm room trying to study. If I only had a pair of noise reducing headphones you think to yourself. Well, the Sony MDR-NC60 Noise Cancelling Headphones can come to the rescue!
But, before you go out and buy a pair—Wait until you read this review. The Sony MDR-NC60 headphones are simply impressive. They are specially designed to combine high quality sound with advanced noise canceling action.
Using specially designed foam,  a complete seal is formed around your ears. The headphones can accurately block out 85% of all outside noises thanks to the advanced integrated sound technology . Just in case you do need to listen to all those outside noises , the headphones come with a monitoring switch that allows you to hear surrounding noises without taking off the headphones .
Another great feature of these Sony MDR-NC60 noise canceling headphones is that they are very light, weighing in at only 230g. They can be folded up to fit in a carrying case which make these headphones very safe when taking them on your trips.
Let’s take a look at all of the headphones features. 
  • A durable case for easy transporting
  • Ability to block out 85% of the noises around you-A must for noise reducing headphones!
  • You can use the Built in monitoring switch to mute what you are listening to thus allowing you to hear the sounds around you without removing the headphones-Very convenient!
  • Comfortable  is a key concern-Designed so that you can wear them for long stretches without pinching your ears
  • Weight comes in at a light 230g
  • Quick adjusting  headbandfolds neatly for travel in the case
  • 40mm dome driver with a frequency response of 14-22,000Hz
  • One AAA battery can last up to 30 hours
Overall, for the price that they charge for these, you will find no better headphones. OK there are better ones out there, but you have to pay a lot more for just a slight increase in capabilities.
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Let me show you a current owners have to say about it.
The majority of People who purchased from gave an average rating of 5 stars.
“B. Stearns”
…On a long flight to Africa, I "tested" the Sony headset against my colleague's Bose headset. I found the two pairs essentially equal in terms of comfort and noise cancellation. Where the Sony clearly outperformed the Bose was the music quality. (This is not surprising given Sony's long history of producing electronics with good sound.) My colleague also tested out the two pairs and had the same reaction. When we later discussed the pros and cons of the headsets, it was better music quality and lower price (Sony) versus the cache of owning Bose headphones. Needless to say, my Sony's still fly everywhere with me. Read Full Review
"Ben Riles”
These headphones are great for planes and college dorms. Press a button
and all sounds vanish, or pretty close to it. Sony developed a great product.
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“W. Fliegel”
Best bang for the buck on the market, tested Bose, JVC, and Sony models. These work as well as the Bose at a fraction of the cost. Experienced the background "vibration" I read about in other reviews only once. Taking them off and putting them back on seemed to do the trick. My wife gets the vibration more often, but also found that adjusting them eliminates the problem. Good quality with my Ipod Nano, they work well on planes, and helped me a couple of times to get more rest with early morning garbage trucks outside. But their real worth came on my ski trip, where I shared a room with 3 snoring buddies.
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“A. Hicks”
I've used noise canceling headphones since the original models with large electronics packs around 2 decades ago. I use them on plane trips, but also almost daily at work when I have to program test systems on very loud production floors. Just prior to the MDR-NC60's I had a pair of the larger Bose headphones for 6 years, including trips to Singapore and India. I had to replace the Bose headphones when the plastic hinge pin holding one of the cups to the frame finally wore out and disintegrated. The Sony's are very slightly less comfortable than the Bose units, but in my own context I have observed no performance deficiencies.
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