Friday, January 1, 2010

Professional Sennheiser PXC 250 Active Noise Canceling HeadphonesReview.

Well times are tough now and there are headphones that could fit into your budget. With the Sennheiser PXC 250 Active Noise Canceling Headphones you can get awesome sound without breaking the bank! So the next time you are on the bus or in a cab, you could actually hear your Ipod with crisp clear sound. And speaking of cost…Amazon has an incredible 50% off the normal sennheiser pxc 250 price!!  Imagine only $ 69.95 for one of the best selling noise cancelling headphones at Amazon!
Before you run out and purchase the Sennheiser PXC 250 noise canceling headphones, please take a moment to read my reveiw.
Let’s start with the portability of the Sennheiser PXC 250 Active Canceling Headphones. They actually fold up and the earcups fold in so they can easily fit into your jacket or your pocketbook. Or, just place them into the belt pouch that comes with it.
With the Sennheiser PXC 250 headphones, you also get a unique feature known as “NoiseGard.”  The Sennheiser exclusive reduces low-frequency noises to the extent that the human ear perceives it as reduced in half .   device that connects to the headphones. So, you can listen to crisp clear music. The noise reduction technology requires 2 AAA  batteries which are not included.
Many PXC 250 headphone owners boast about the ability of the headphones to produce distortion free bass responses, portability and that the comfort level was exceptional allowing for long periods of use. Most owners also were more than satisfied within noise blocking provided by the headphones. Areas of concern included the fact that the headphones do not provide a great sound when the noise cancellation is turned off. Others also mentioned that there may be times where the wires seem to be a little in the way (This would include the battery “wand” inline on the cable), but, after using the PXC 250 headphones for awhile, this was not an issue. There is an active discussion forum for the Sennheiser PXC 250 Noise Canceling Headphones where people are talking about the headphones experiences they have had. In addition, I highly suggest reading through the buyer reviews at Amazon! I have found that these are pretty reliable view points expressed by people who have actually purchased the PXC 250’s.
Here are some features for the Sennheiser PXC 250 Active Noise Canceling Headphones:
  • reduce up to 25 db of surrounding noise
  • frequency responses of 10hz to 21khz
  • active noise canceling with “NoiseGard” technology
  • flip and fold headset
  • soft cushioned earcups for long periods of listening to music and movies
  • adjusting headband    
  • 1/4 "  adapter
  • 3.5 mm adapter for airline use
  • 6-foot kevlar – heavy-duty copper cable
  • belt pouch
Buyers at Amazon gave the Sennheiser PXC 250 noise canceling headphones an average rating of 4 stars.
Let me show you what some current owners have to say…
I have been interested in Sennheiser headphones for a few years now, since Consumer Reports has rated this as a 'best buy' for a few years. Now that I've used my set for the past month, I have been very excited about the quality. For my commuter train (BART - San Francisco Bay Area), it's very loud at times, but I only need to turn the loudness halfway up my new iTouch and I can hear my favorite radio talk shows or music. It amazes me that it blocks outside noise so well. I would highly recommend this product, especially if you don't have an extra $300 - $400 around for the highest quality headsets.
Actual Review
"M Pietig"            
I am a frequent traveler and was looking for a great set of noise-canceling headphones without spending hundreds of dollars on Bose. After lots of online research and personal recommendations from other travelers, I purchased these headphones…
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Sal “Sandalot”
I have been using these headsets for a couple of years now, and they are flawless. They are so comfortable to wear, lightweight, and the sound quality is amazing. I turn them on in the plane and it's as if I wasn't flying…
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